When packaged software alone doesn't meet your business needs or cost requirements, turn to SAPremacy. We'll use our experience and continual research to deliver a custom solution using the best technologies for the project.


Our team of seasoned professionals – Project Managers, Business Analysts, User Experience Designers, Architects, Software Engineers, Test Engineers, and more – will work closely with you to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.


SAPremacy 's Global Development organization can provide a range of engagement options that fit your firm's needs.


Key Areas of Technical Competency


  • Web-enabled applications
  • Mobile-enabled websites
  • Mobile applications (iOS and Android)
  • Microsoft-based solutions
  • Sharepoint-based solutions
  • Java-based solutions
  • Middleware/Messaging-based solutions
  • SDatabase solutions (SQL Server,Oracle, MySQL, Postgress, etc.)
  • Data analytics solutions
  • Major QA & testing platforms
  • Major ETL & BI platforms

Premier ERP Services for Your Business.

ERP Implementation Services


Full Lifecycle Implementations: ERP and e-Business solutions using packaged and custom applications integrating employees, suppliers, and customers design, configuration and deployment of ERP or common-of-the-shelf application to integrate new processes into business



Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Assisting customers integrated enterprise and legacy / custom applications seamle.


ERP Upgrade Services


Upgrades can often be painful – SAPremacy Consulting can help. SAPremacy Consulting can help you identify your position on our Upgrade Ladder, highlight the key drivers such as expanded

functionality, identify core business benefits, and help you navigate through

the process.


ERP Support Services


Ongoing Management and Operation: User support, upgrades, interfaces and reporting to keep the package up-to-date and running.


Extension: Add modules, expand into new business areas, and enhance processes by focusing

on continuous improvement initiatives to expand the package’s value to business



Consolidate and Replace: Migrate to a standard or centralized package solution to respond to shifts in business requirements, acquisitions and mergers or changes in the software vendor landscape.

ERP Consulting On Demand.

Our Consultant Sharing Solutions Utilizes the experts you need when you need them and only pay for the hours you employ. No planning required, no “buckets” to pay for and no minimum number of hours required. Our platinum resources will solve your ERP needs on your time. On demand Sharing Solutions, is an exclusive offering by SAPremacy, which offers solutions to effectively manage and support your resources that increase business efficiency.


  • Unique Consulting Model – SAPremacy’s large client base gives us the flexibility to leverage our ERP experts in a unique way. We allow you to “share” an ERP consultant’s time with other firms. This time utilization gives you access to an “extended team” without the expense of a full-time on site consultant.


  • Back Fill Support - Do holidays, sick days and vacation days leave gaps in your support team? Do you have small SAP initiatives on the back burner due to lack of support? Why pay for a full-time consultant to be available “just in case” they are needed? Apply SAPremacy’s Sharing Model for the on demand support, preserving your valuable budget resources.


  • Help Desk Solution –  SAPremacy’s Sharing model is like having your own help desk. Our industry experts work on your issues as required without distractions, or hidden agendas, while applying best practices for your SAP issues.


  • ERP Team Flexibility - Apply SAPremacy’s Sharing Model to backfill your existing team while they are on the project, become your project team or simply be equipped in the event issues or more complex demands begin to compromise your project schedule.

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